Sunday, July 30, 2006

More Seminar....In the Meantime, Talk Amongst Yourselves

Go here and read lots of good stuff. And thank you Right Wing News for linking here. Sorry I'm not around to blog lots of insightful, genius thoughts. But you might not get that even if I'm here.

Go over to Post Secret and cry your Sunday tears. I do.

Little Green Footballs has stuff about the Seattle killing. The murderer used a 13 year old girl to gain entry into the building. Unfrickinbelievable. Actually, not really. Shouldn't we be surprised at these levels of depravity? But, strangely, we're not.

At StrategyPage, if you spend some time there, you'll up your world knowledge I.Q. by at least 10 points. Makes you smarter to win arguments.

Deciding that with all the recent news and your recent philosophical changes regarding shooting people who threaten you, ArmedLiberal has some advice for you. Via Instapundit, who, by the way, should be your stop on the Internet right after me.

Again thanks for the link and thanks for the reading RightWing Newsers. Sorry I am not blogging more here. Ciao!

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