Monday, July 17, 2006

President Bush: "Syria Needs to Stop This Shit!"

To Tony Blair during a luncheon, unscripted, and *ahem* with the microphone "mistakenly" left on by some intrepid reporter. Gateway Pundit has more. Not that I believe the Prez is wrong or even that I care a hoot that everyone knows his unedited thoughts.

Heaven forbid though, the press picks up a conversation that goes like this, "Okay, so you're launching an attack on Damascus at 0400 tomorrow, right? Yeah, we'll be right there with you with air support to bomb those blood-thirsty miscreants back to hades. Sleep well, Prime Minister. Let's have a convo tomorrow after we level the place."


Chalmers said...

I think my favorite aspect of this one is that W had his mouth full of BBQ while saying it, like the hillbilly he is.

Dr. Melissa said...

That's Hillbilly Frat Boy Chimpanzee to you bub.