Wednesday, July 19, 2006

US Hezbollah Sympathizers

While nursing my mini-depression, I didn't get out on the net much. So now, Michelle Malkin shows pictures of Hezbollah demonstrations in the USA with signs like "Islam will triumph" and "Death to Israel".

On our own land. I almost said "unbelievable". But it isn't, is it? How long until the relativistic, moral equivalence, political correct, cultural corrupters acknowledge the dark side of their "everything is okay" stance? That's right never.

Us and them. Americans against Americans--or those who would use the freedom of America to impose intolerance, domination and discrimination in Allah's name. The only reason these ass-clowns can demonstrate is freedom. Go back to from whence you came.

Sheesh. I organize my phone book while this happens. (Actually it happened July 13.)

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