Thursday, August 24, 2006

Aaron Conquers All

Guess who won tonight? Yes, indeed. Aaron finally won. Rhonda is smiling because she has just said that that the only reason he won is because she didn't play. (I'll get to why later.)
No matter. He's basking in the glory.

Aaron also reminded me, as I was walking out the door, to take a picture of the score. You'll notice the "B". Who is B? you wonder. Why, that would be Step-Dad-In-Law Bobby. He plays a mean game of Dominos, and I mean mean. Alas, even he couldn't hold off the Dominicular assault waged by Wiley. Meanwhile, Steve brought up the rear, again.

The Clouthier Clan invaded Camp Wiley (not to be confused with Camp Casey which has no air conditioning or people I'd like to hang with) for our Wednesday night ritual. Tonight, Aaron ordered Thai, in Thai (he's fluent in the Thai language) and we all ate food with currey and coconut and spice. It tasted good, and everyone enjoyed--except my delicate digestive system at about 2 a.m., but I digress.

Before dinner, though, Rhonda got paid north of $100 to have someone follow her around Wal-Mart and bug her about her bread choices. I kid you not. I thought those "Make Money Shopping!" internet ads were some nefarious scheme by spammers. In this case, it's legit.

One sample question:
Shopper Stalker: You buy name-brand (can't remember) but you're buying store-brand juice boxes. Why?
Rhonda: Because I don't drink them. They are for the kids.
(Sage nodding all around.)

For her trouble and time, she gets money that she turns around and gives to Wal-Mart. A win-win.

When she got home we ate Thai and Aaron bragged about his victory. And we discussed various and asundry things. We talked Coke addiction (we're all in different stages of Coca-Cola recovery). Some interesting notes here: we all uniformly despised Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Mountain Dew or other fizzy sodas. It HAS to be Coke. This preference rules out a couple things: 1) people say "oh, you're addicted to the caffiene" (maybe, but not enough to substitute coffee or Mountain Dew --5x the caffiene as Coke or Red Bull) or 2) you're addicted to the sugar (maybe true, but I have found that when I cut the Coke my sugar intake decreases, as did the rest of the group). As Spock says, "Fascinating." Steve is convinced Coke still puts Coke (cocain) into the brew. We can only hope.

Aaron had his cervical spine (neck) X-rayed today (Thursday). He'll find out Friday how he is healing. He is feeling generally better this week. I'm guessing it took his body a while to detox the pain meds. He is working on a special project for his boss. There is some flexibilty involved so if he gets tired he can take a break.

Just walking around with that thing on his head looks tiring. As an aside here's a shout out to Halo manufacturers: Yo! Halo manufacturers out there! What up with the heavy Halo? I have a stroller that is nearly as strong or stronger that weighs the same or less than that thing. I'm not sure the material--some sort of hollow aircraft-grade aluminum. It's super strong and light. Anyway, why can't they make those things of a similar material? Just askin'.

Aaron's attitude continues to shine brightly. Can I just say that I'd be bitching non-stop if I hadn't had a real shower in six weeks? (And, no he didn't stink. He's giving himself very meticulous sponge baths if you must know.) And, Rhonda very carefully cleans the pins and screws drilled into his skull every day. You know the whole "for better or worse" thing? This would be "or worse" time. And Rhonda, too, never complains.

Have you wondered what you could do to help? People always feel helpless when they are hours, states, or continents away. With technology, good people, there are ways to help. I just thought of this right now, but could kick myself for not thinking of it earlier. Aaron and Rhonda could use help having their house cleaned. Rhonda is busy doing everything else. Aaron is working and he has the whole broken neck thing going. Sometimes the mundane just doesn't get tended.

So, for anyone who wants to help: Hit my tip jar. It gets transferred into my bank account. I get notified of the transfer the same day by email. So that you know I got the money, I'll post a thank you post unless you specifically ask that it be confidential. I think there is a spot where you can specify what the tip is for. But for the next month, I'll put all tips into a fund for the Wileys. Anything left over--not used for housecleaning, I'll give to them for their hospital bills. They have insurance, but still owe a percentage and even 10% of a zillion is a lot of money.

The Tip Jar, also known as the Amazon "Click to Give" program is on the right-hand column just below my Blogroll (keep scrolling down). It works like this: you click, enter information like you were purchasing a product from Amazon, donate the desired amount--even $5 helps--and it's transferred to me. It is safe and secure. I don't see any of your credit card information, but I am notified when you make a donation.

If you have questions email me. My address is on the page.

Aaron and Rhonda are so thankful for the prayers and long, lost contacts. It has been very encouraging to them. They read the comments and enjoy the notes that way. So keep 'em coming!

I'll post late tomorrow night again. They are expected to get the results of the X-ray tomorrow afternoon, late. Cheers!

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