Monday, August 28, 2006

Ann Althouse: Teasing Saddam "We Should Be Above That"

So what of it? Is it wrong to needle helpless prisoners even one particular prisoner's initials is Saddam Hussein? Soldiers evidently have the South Park movie on a loop for Saddam Why-Didn't-You-Just-Kill-Me-When-You-Had-A-Chance Hussein.

Does it matter that the heckled prisoner is Saddam?

As for abuse: at the local Welfare office there is a video on a loop saying things like "If you are fraudulantly taking payments you will be prosecuted" in a deadpan voice and repeated over and over and over all day long. Is that abusive to needy people? Kinda like kicking them while they're down?

Commenter Sam says:

Cripes. I can't imagine a moral universe where law professors defend the imprisoned Saddam Hussein from teasing that pales in comparison to that routinely absorbed by fat twelve-year-olds.

Actually, having his dignity defended by sissy moralists must be as least as humililiating as a South Park episode. Stop it, Ann. Your motherly coddling of Saddam cruelly mocks his swarthy manliness. Have you no decency?

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Christy're said...

Wah wah wah, poor Saddam!!! Others had to watch their wives and daughters get raped and Saddam wasn't above that.

I wish they would have shot him when they had him, but oh well.