Friday, August 25, 2006

Are Career Girls Losers? And Bag Ladies, too.....

I love this criteria: career women are "less likely to keep a clean house". They don't have a WIFE AT HOME cleaning it. Sheesh! Are we superimposing 50's expectations on New Millenium realities? Is it any wonder that women, and men, feel so inadequate while trying to be everything to everyone? Does it really matter that she's not inclined to "keep house" (code for cleaning up after everyone in the family, not just her) if she can afford to hire someone who can?

This whole issue came up based on a very intriguing Dr. Helen post. Dr. Helen says:

Along related lines, here is an article in Forbes entitled, "Don't Marry a Career Woman." Frankly, the article seems rather sexist to me--using as their criteria for "career girls" those women who make more than $30,000 a year, have a university degree or higher, and work outside the home over 35 hours. The article says such women are more likely to cheat, be unhappy, not have kids or if they do, be unhappy with that, and to get divorced more readily and to keep a dirty house. Wow, I never knew we "career girls" were such losers. Read the article and decide for yourself.
Earlier in her post she discusses women's fears about "ending up a bag lady" even though 60% of the nations finances will be controlled by women by 2010.

My feeling is that a woman's experience has lagged behind her achievement. What I mean is that while my parents encouraged education (mostly because my mom wanted us to have freedom if we married a dud), we were also encouraged to not get jobs, not save money, etc. But my parents weren't particularily good with money. So as an adult, all of us, guys and girls have had a steep learning curve.

If a career woman is single and not good with money, she can suffer. Likewise for a man. Marriage can amplify this or ameliorate it, if the spouse has a talent or gift. I have acquired more knowledge with time, but still need lots of help. So I get it. My husband I both know that investing is important, but how to do that is another thing. Perhaps self-awareness is key here. If you know you need help--get it! There are lots of people whose gift it is to make money with your money.

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