Saturday, August 05, 2006

Betsy Newmark Dissects America's Views on Israel

As usual, she is a must-read. Actually the LA-Times Poll she cites gives me hope. At least Republicans don't have their heads entirely up their rears morally. What gives me pause is the Democrats unwillingness or inability to see democratic Israel as superior to it's Dictator-lead, backward and oppressive Muslim neighbors.

I find the hatred for any country who at least is attempting to protect minority rights, who believes in freedom of expression and religion baffling. Is it just political correctness and cultural sensitivity taken to an extreme? Can these people not recognize that living free is better? Or do these oppressive regimes resonate with them because they secretly desire to impose their "better" belief system on their neighbors?

Maybe the only difference between Leftists and the Dictators they adore is the beliefs they wish to impose. The methods aren't problematic at all.

Betsy has more to say on this as well when she discusses the Lefts love affair with Castro.

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