Thursday, August 10, 2006

Brendan Loy Bids the Bimbocrats Good-bye

Brendan Loy has waffled over the last year that I've read him. Libertarian. Tough on terrorism. Nervous about leaving the Democrat fold. Worried about not being P.C. and "questioning Democrat's patriotism" by saying that they're "not serious on terrorism."

Well, no more.

The man has had it. Is he the only one who has found reprehensible, and just plain weird, the Democrat's reactions to today's very serious security developments?

This is why my problem with the Left is so serious, so deep and abiding. It’s not just about Iraq. It’s about the whole war on terrorism. I sometimes find myself doubting that, but I shouldn’t. THESE PEOPLE DO NOT TAKE THE THREAT OF TERRORISM SERIOUSLY. They simply refuse to understand that we are at war. The notion of such people ever running the country is absolutely terrifying.
He is not the only one. George Bush can bumble in nearly every other way (and in my humble opinion, many things bother me about his presidency--hello? spending, for one) but he has been firm on fighting terrorist scum and stalwart on days like today. A Democrat can't even voice legitimate, timely outrage for fear they will never be elected again. Insane. The Presidency will be forever a Republican's to bumble because of the Left's turpitude.
Alleging that an ulterior motive could hypothetically exist is not enough. You need to allege facts, or at least poke some serious holes in the official story, if you’re going to claim that the government is lying about something this serious. And every single detail that has emerged strongly suggests that this was a very, very serious plot, and that officials have acted in precisely the manner that they should. There is nothing at all “suspicious” about waiting to reveal a plot until arrests have been made, and in turn, waiting to make arrests until law enforcement believes the moment is right. Indeed, that’s exactly how these investigations should be conducted. But the lefties — and these are mainstream liberal bloggers, not wingnut extremists culled from the depths of the Kos diaries — don’t care about that, because they view George W. Bush as a greater threat than the 29 terrorists who wanted to kill 2,700 innocent civilians for sport. When presented with two alternative explanations for a set of facts — either Bush & Blair and their entire governments are willfully deceiving and manipulating the public in an utterly reprehensible and indefensible manner, or a group of 29 jihadis really did plot to kill several thousand of us — they find the latter less plausible than the former. Un-freaking-believeable.
All I can think: when you tell yourself a lie long enough, it becomes the truth. A leftist can, and has, looked down the snout of a rocket-launcher and will still denounce their own free country and champion the "cause" of those consumed with blood lust.

This has been a watershed week for me. First the Dems purge one of their most honorable, decent, principled members, in the process demonstrating to me that I no longer belong in their party. Then the liberal blogosphere shows its true colors by responding to manifestly the gravest mass terrorism threat since 9/11 with a mixture of juvenile temper tantrum and raving-lunatic conspiracy theory. The next time I hestitate to say that “many liberals don’t take the war on terrorism seriously” because I want to be P.C. and give ‘em the benefit of the doubt and avoid seeming to question anyone’s patriotism, I’ll look back on this day and remember how the Left reacted when the forces of civilization thwarted an attempt by the forces of evil, Islamonihilist terror to commit an unprecedented crime against humanity in the skies over the Atlantic Ocean.


I've always enjoyed Brendan Loy's blog no matter the political angst. In my own life, I have found that indecision causes great turmoil, but once a choice is made, peace comes. Here is hoping that he'll at least have peace about this. World events are enough to give one heartburn even when Leftist stupidity doesn't add fuel to the fire.

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