Monday, August 07, 2006

Check Out the Blogroll Folks

I've added some more intesting links. Since my personal life is not made up entirely of reading newspapers and Business Week, I thought I'd round things out for you. You'll notice that I added gossip columnists. Why, oh why would I do something so ..... so....., well, plebian, as my snotty sister likes to say? Because, it's fun. Life is short. It is also entertaining. It is illuminating to be aware of the popular culture. Unfortunately, and depending on your perspective, Hollyweird drives/reflects the world around us. Yes, I find that depressing, too. And no, I don't frequent these sites much. And no, I don't subscribe to any gossip or fashion magazines, not that there's anything wrong with that......

In the you-can't-keep-all-the-people-happy-all-the-time department, the family and friends harrumphing about the ubiquitous political blogging need to get over it. So borrrrringggg, they say! Whatevuh, superficial readers! To my loving friends possessing a narrow worldview, i.e. the latest happenings on American Idol qualify as world-shaking events, here is the deal. My quest is to inform, delight and entertain. Inform being a first-run priority. So, you'll have to get at least semi-world news literate. I'm not stopping, so you might as well enjoy it.

In another life, I'd like to dabble in interior design. (Oh, how I love Albert Hadley. Sigh.) Since that is not a possibility at the moment, I'll have to live with my caviar dreams. Reading shelter mags is a substitute. These are some good design blogs. They are on the blogroll now.

And, I said that as soon as Jay McInerney started regularly posting to his Dining Out blog, I'd link to it. He did and so I did. His writing, especially on the fly, is great.

I may add nerd links to my blogroll--watch out! My links to the Firefly fans website and the Lord of the Rings website aren't there yet........ And then there is Coca-Cola, but I checked the website and it is a Flash-driven monstrosity. No linkage there even though I believe Coke is It.

P.S. You'll notice that I'm not adding any Mommy Blog links. Dear readers, how much can one say about poopy diapers and discipline? I know. Lots. Parenting is a huge part of my life. Nay, make that, parenting is my life. I come to the Internet for a mental break. Never know, I might get hooked on some good stuff. Until then, politics wins.

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