Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fear for the Muslims

Shrinkwrapped fears for the Muslim world where "the only thing that unites them is hatred of the Jews". Here is more:

Nations that must appeal to the most base instincts of their populations, using envy to fan hatred and mindless rage, will find that once the demon of anti-Semitism is unleashed, it will prove to be rather more difficult than they imagine to contain. Once you have convinced your people that all of the evil in the world, all the failings of your own people, are caused by others, the options become very limited.

Perhaps Islam will manage to finally destroy the Jews. Then what? They will sink into their own fetid morass of despair with no one left to blame except America. Perhaps in their emboldened and rage-filled state they will go on an orgy of destruction against the weak appeasers of Europe. Eventually, since their failures stem from themselves, they will be forced to confront their own shortcomings, but by then, many millions will have died. Furthermore, if they ever are to achieve modernity, the stain of their shameful genocide will need to be addressed; I doubt they can ever afford to do that. Their only other option is to focus on America, the "Great Satan" and attack us in a final apocalyptic spasm before they turn on each other and tear themselves apart.

And if despite their weight of numbers, and vast riches, they fail to destroy Israel, then their problem is even worse. Rather than the shame of genocide, they would once again be enmeshed in the humiliation of failure.

Either way, their rage will find an outlet.

This kind of hatred, once unleashed, must spend itself in death.

This hatred, I fear, has already been unleashed. Right now it is spreading like cancer throughout the Muslim world. While God has used multiple peoples to punish Israel for her sins, He has spared no wrath for the punishers. Ultimately, they lose. Usually, everything. The funny thing is, the Muslim countries seem to believe that with Israel gone they gain everything even if they ultimately lose. There is no rational discourse to be had with those whose only motivation is to finally triumph even if that means death.

Shrinkwrapped implies that Israel's demise is a foregone conclusion. Is it? Is Israel at the threshhold of destruction? And in turn, will Israel lay waste to its many neighbors? Or will she take genocide and death rather than destroy the destroyers? And will this cause a worldwide conflagration? And who can stop it once it starts? Because unlike other wars, where Nuclear warheads were not an option, every crazy Muslim who wants one, has the ability to blow just about any city off the map. I have a feeling that the moral equivalence crowd won't believe it until they see it. I'm afraid these folks will have the opportunity to see for themselves their errors and then, as always, it will be too late.

As an aside, I don't believe the Muslim goal is modernity. The goal is domination. That can be had and crudely, at that.

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