Thursday, August 17, 2006

Gay Misogyny

Ann Althouse points to this post by The Columnist Manifesto about Project Runway's Gender Politics. He notes that the women judges are deemed bitchiest even though Michael Kors has the meanest mouth. He also notes the contestent Allison was summarily dismissed before a no-talent, but gay presumably, guy given to temper tantrums stayed. Also noted: the mens fashions were unwearable and point to hating women.

On an interesting note about women's designers: some of the best designers are married men. Ralph Lauren jumps to mind. His clothes are timeless, elegant and wearable. They are an excellent investment. Everyone from Diane Keaton's Annie Hall to Jennifer Aniston to Gwyneth Paltrow to Oprah, have worn his couture designs. He also designs well for men. In fact, the cut of his clothes are the only ones my husband can consistently wear off-the-rack.

Even more women design well for women--Dana Buchman and Donna Karan, to name just two. They design for a normal activities and normal shapes.

The key for any type of design is love for the user of the design. OXO wouldn't be making money hand over fist in the kitchen utensil department if they created uncomfortable spoon handles, would they? And yet, these extreme designers who clearly hold contempt for the average lady, design clothing that no one wears.

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Antoinette said...

Personally I have always thought the fashion industry hates women. Or at least wants us to all be anorexic.