Tuesday, August 29, 2006

JonBenet "Killer" Demonstrates "Press Caution" A Non-Sequiter

Press Caution is hilarious......Unless of course, the object of the investigation is Bill Clinton. Remember, it was Drudge who broke that story. The press decided to be cautious because the allegations were against a "sitting" (Democrat) President. Press Caution is laughable, unless of course, the object of the investigation is anyone Muslim killing Israelis and Americans. Remember, it was LGF that broke the whole doctoring photos, making news story.

Regular peeps? Regular creeps? No caution necessary. Rush in for ratings! Wham, bam, but no apologies to fellow Americans left hanging. In fact, the Press turns around to blame anyone they can because they were misled. You have got to be kidding.

Meanwhile, after a few hours of thinking about it, most bloggers I read were suspicious and very cautious. Hardly any outrageous coverage. I am probably more excitable than most and here were my three posts over the last two weeks:

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Suspect Arrested
So it wasn't the Ramseys. Can you imagine the grief of losing your child and being falsely accused of murder. How do you ever get your life back? Her mom didn't. posted by Dr. Melissa @ 5:26 PM

Thursday, August 17, 2006

JonBenet's Killer.....Maybe?

Holy crap! Look at his resume via Jeff Goldstein (h/t SarahW, via Ace)

-Private Teacher / Caregiver (2002-03 in Western Europe) as follows:

Germany: Three girls - 7, 11, and 12: I taught English to the girls through conversational and instructional methods.
I gave computer instruction to the girls via their laptop PC's. I drove the girls to their activities: ballet, riding,
handball, etc. I assisted the girls with their homework.

Germany: Two girls - 5 and 8; boy 10: I taught English to the children through conversational and instructional
methods. I awoke the children in the morning and gave them breakfast. I helped the children get ready for school
and escorted them to the school bus. I helped the 8 year old girl with her homework each day. I took the children
outside for play. At days end, I made sure the children had their evening bath, then put them to bed and read to
them before they went to sleep.

Netherlands: Baby girl 9 months, boy 3, and girl 4: I taught English to the three year old boy and four year old girl,
through conversational and instructional methods. I was very attentive to needs of the baby which included
changing, feeding, and bathing her. I helped the baby when she learned to walk at 10 and a half months. I fostered
independence in the children's activities.
How many children did this psycho harm? Look at the ages of the children.

Friday, August 18, 2006

JonBenet: The Press Needent Apologize Just Yet

I agree. Read this piece about why that is so. (H/T Instapundit) You know, even now, John Ramsey's reaction is all caution and weirdly worded press releases. Wouldn't you be THRILLED to know the perpetrator was coming to justice? Something is wrong with these people. There is no question the dude they picked up is a nut, but.....something still ain't right. Ann Althouse has more on that.
posted by Dr. Melissa @ 2:35 PM
Now, the post I linked to by Ann Althouse said this:

Is this just an obsessive guy craving his 15 minutes of fame?"

"Do we have a wack-job or a murderer?"

My guess: wack-job.

MORE: If I were writing a work of fiction inspired by this man, I would make him a good man tortured by pedophilic urges he knows are wrong, struggling all his life to resist them, struggling -- so far -- successfully, but feeling he has reached the limit of his strength, and choosing now to confess, falsely, to killing a little girl whose image he really has fallen in love with, to make the authorities come and get him and lock him away, so that he can never hurt hurt anyone, as he has, in fact, never hurt anyone.
So within two days, major questions were being raised, theories considered. What was the Mainstream press doing?

An MSNBC search brings up fifty posts from the past few weeks and over 30,000 on JonBenet.
That is just one media outlet. Go through CNN, ABC, CBS, and see what you find. And yet, information like this is out there and well-known. You would think that it would give them some pause, but no.

The Press is picky and choosy about their coverage. Is it sensational? Will it make them money? Will it support a cause they believe in--almost any Democrat that is liberal enough and hates Bush and shows it will be under significantly less scrutiny--and diminish "enemies"?

I would be thrilled to have the JonBenet murderer caught. In fact, I was excited about a killer being caught and tried, and saddened that a mother under suspician wouldn't have the satisfaction of seeing this through. And then, the story stunk.

The problem, I think, is that the evidence points to the fact that true killer, she just may be dead. That fact should bring some caution to the news people. But it doesn't. Heck, you'd think the stupid DA would exhibit some caution.

Caution, in the cut-throat world of media, is a curse word.

(A note: I updated the post because the block-quote from MSNBC was causing formatting problems. I deleted them for better viewing. You can get to the article titles and synopses by the link. -Ed.)


Christy're said...

Are you saying you think the killer is/was a woman?

Dr. Melissa said...

A significant amount of evidence points to Patsy Ramsey as the killer. One of the chief police investigators thinks so. The handwriting expert who broke the Unabomber case and other high-profile cases believe she is the writer of the "Ransom Note". There was no forced entry, evidence indicates she was moved, strangled and loosely bound after she was dead. The parents lawyered up immediately and separately, refused an FBI polygraph,never were interviewed separately, etc.

Anyway, it is impossible from this vantage point to know for sure, but the evidence did not point to Karr, almost right from the beginning. Most people would have to believe that there is some hidden, unknown evidence that exonerates the Ramseys. But that has not happened either.