Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Light Blogging & Lurker Alert

UPDATE: Okay, people. it's still early. You have an excuse, but a bunch of people have happened by without sharing. Please share. You might find that other interesting people blog here, too. The comments might be interesting. Nagging done.

Oh! And you can scroll down for updates since when you went to bed, because, well, I don't go to bed. I'm a vampire. Blogpire? Night blogger? Okay, I blog in the wee hours when normal people sleep.

In 15 minutes, it's going to be tomorrow. Like this morning, there will not be a lot of blogging because it is my precious babies first day of school and I'm seeing clients and a yard guy is coming and I've got STUFF TO DO PEOPLE!

So, instead of going away and sulking and driving my hit number down into the doldrums, would you be ever so polite and share some information with me? My visitors are mostly "lurkers", that is, they stop by, read and leave. I never know who you are.

Here's what I would like to know. 1) Do you know me, personally? 2) Are you male or female? 3) What are your favorite topics? 4) What are your least favorite topics? 5) Do you blog?

Five questions. It's all I ask. I really want to keep you all happy. So please, please comment with this info. Oh, and if you have a blog, and would like me to link to you, please email me. I'm going to update my blogroll again. Criteria: interesting, relevant (weirdos need not apply), funny if possible, informative a must.

Thanks! Be back this afternoon!


Steve said...

Hey, I guess I'm a lurker. I surfed my way to your blog, liked what I saw, and quoted you on mine. I hope that's okay. I don't have a personal blog, per se; I just post funny and interesting things from other blogs. I'd love to link to you, but I'm still at a loss as to how to do that. All in due time.


Sharon said...

1. I've known you since we were 10
2. Female
3. Favorites: family topics, topics on personal growth, health news, world events (because I don't watch the news anymore, the internet is where I pick up info)
4. Least favorites: most anything political, but I'm still somehow drawn to the wierdness of it all.
5. I don't blog...yet :)

Anonymous said...

1. Do not know you
2. Male
3. Whatever is current and relevant...whatever is past and living.
4. Whatever relies on denial and PC crap to exist.
5. No

Jessica said...

1. I know you... I'm Leah's sister and a patient of chiropract-y .... ha! what a great word.
2. Female
3. Family, parenting, local politics
4. The Mideast... but just because I'm in denial
5. I blog, but just about my feelings ;)

Happened across your husbands blog, and then came over to yours... yours has become one of my favorites to check every day.

Anonymous said...

1) for your entire life
2) female
3)anything you write(because I think you are BRILLIANT)
4)can't think of any

Caroline said...

Hello, I don't know you, you don't know me. I am female. I love to read political stuff. I have a degree in history which i don't use for anything other than my own enjoyment or for posting. I currently moderate at another site which i really like. I would love to be able to write political articles but don't feel ready for that quite yet. My least favorite topics? I don't like love stories, oprah type stuff, nascar, sports watching or reporting, french films. I do not blog. I do however check out your site for interesting items everyday. You are in my favorites. later. C

David said...

1)Don't know you except via blog
3)current affairs from an issues/philosophical slant, rather than an "inside baseball" slant
4)none come to mind
5)yes, I blog:

MaxedOutMama said...

1) I don't know you.
2) Female.
3) I don't really have favorites. It's really whatever's on my mind that day. Right now I am brooding on whether our society has been feminized to the point that it is no longer cohesive.
4) Least favorite topics - makeup (it's too hot) and cosmetic surgery (ouch!).
5) Yes, indeedy.

MaxedOutMama said...

Steve - to link it's "title"

Anonymous said...

1. Yes, I know you.
2. I'm female
3. Family, relationships, self-help, "newsy" information.
4. Politics
5. No

Antoinette Aubert said...

1. No
2. Female
3. The war by radical Islamists. Note I do not say the War on Terror cause that would imply we are fighting back which I wish!
4. Gay Marriage, the topic has destroyed Andrew Sullivan. Anyone who writes to defind it end up sounding like those girls I knew in high school who would just die if they didn't have a boyfriend.
5. I blogged before it was called blogging. I have a figure skating fan site and I write daily reports from events I attend. www.catslair.com

Anonymous said...

1. Yes, I know you (this is your sister).
2. Female
3. Anything you write about - especially your funny ones.
4. Like them all.
5. No.

Christy're said...

1) Do you know me, personally?

2) Are you male or female?

3) What are your favorite topics?
I like a smattering of topics--political, healthwise, whatever. You do a great job of switching it up and I like to check in on your blog for that reason. Lately I am interested in trying to get preggers so anything related to that will catch my eye.

4) What are your least favorite topics?
?? I don't know? I hate reading about animal abuse.

5) Do you blog?
Yeah but nothing really interesting, mostly just updates on what's happening here. I used to have a political blog and was on a local radio show for it but I was worried that it would negatively affect my work so I took it down.