Thursday, August 03, 2006

Male Gynecomastia: Boys With Boobs

Well, this was a fine how-do-you-do. We have lavender and tea tree products all over--organic ones at that. And this research says that it causes little boys to grow boobs because (like a million other household products, bleach being one) they are estrogen mimickers. Uh-oh. NOT good. And not good for girls, either. We don't want girls hitting puberty early because of soap and shampoo for heavens sake!


David said...

I would guess that, at least in the case of boys, the effects would be psychological as well as physical.

Dr. Melissa said...

Well, the psychological impact could be two-fold:

1. Feminized behavior--more passive, less aggressive.
2. Being picked on by other kids. If a kid is embarassed by his physique that can cause damage, too.

Keep in mind sugars, bleach, soy, antibiotics in meat and milk, and a sedentary lifestyle (to name a few) can also cause feminization in boys. It can also cause premature puberty for girls.

There are so many environmental factors that can influence a child, the key is just trying to minimize the problem.