Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mary Katherine Ham: "Why we don't believe you"

Over at Townhall, read a nice summation of the recent press atrocities and why the Right doesn't believe, or trust, I might add, the media.

A regular reader and recent visitor of mine wasn't aware of the "green helmet guy", wasn't aware of the news staging by Hezbollah, various media outlets, etc. even though I have covered them in real time over the last month. For more go here, here, here, and here. Or, just read Ham's analysis linked above.

This was the response I got when I said, "You don't know Green Helmet Guy?" (I showed the pic of him stealing brewskis in NOLA. "That's just wrong," said he. He's everywhere, that guy.)

Conflicted Leftist: [Sighing, wearied by the facts.] "No. I had never heard of Green Helmet Guy "

Me: "Dude, he's like everywhere. It started out not funny, but it's funny now. Unless you still trust the press."

Conflicted Leftist: [Tortured yelling, ala "STELLA!"] "Isn't it enough that you people have all three branches of the government?!? Must you have the press TOO?!? Everything is a conspiracy with you people. How can you RUN EVERYTHING and still be a VICTIM?!!!! "

He then plug his ears with his index fingers and started yelling "la la, la la! I can't hear you!!" This made others of us laugh, which is kinda mean.

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Chalmers said...

As the "Conflicted Leftist," I must say that this post had much poetic license taken. While I did not know who the "green helmet" guy was, I was aware of staging AP photos.

I do stand by my statement that neocons are the most powerful victims I have ever seen or heard from. While controlling the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government the Republikans still want their supporters to believe that they are being victimized by the Leftist, Socialist, Communist, gay Hollywood-types. The point is, Bush has vetoed one, count it, one piece of legistlation. He has lowered taxes, increased spending and gone to war whenever he has wanted. He got both of his Supreme Court nominees through (Harriet Myers doesn't even count). What else do the Republikans want?

None of this justifies misrepresenting the facts by AP and other "journalists." Just keep in perspective that there is very little, in the way of initiatives, that the Republikans have failed to push through. Social Security reform really doesn't count, because the Republikans didn't even support that one!

Longingly looking for a reason to vote republican,