Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Men Have It Tough, Women Die Lonely & Bitter

MoM also pointed me in this direction: Why Men Have It Tough by Fausta. Personally, I don't think men have it so bad, unless they are interested in a serious relationship. They just now travel the same mating minefield women have traditionally traversed.

Ace of Spades does a smack-down of a rather pompous, unpretty woman who thinks she is "hawt", but is really so not. She is a case study for chubby, mean, unpretty girls who wrongly believe that the reason they don't get guys is because they are fat. They lose the weight. They are still mean. They are still unpretty and then they deride other women and scorn men. Sad, but interesting from a clinical perspective.

Beth from My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy dissects the woman mentioned above who was skewered by Ace and even brings Ayn Rand into it. She confirms my thoughts about Rand exactly. (pardon the font color, I changed the template)

Anyway, great fun!

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