Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mmmmmm Apples

I got one of these today. (Except mine has 2MB RAM and 500 GB Hard Drive. Zoom! Zoom!) Might be a while before I post from it. But I hope not.

By the way, what am I leaving behind? A Dell Inspiron that has burnt through four hard drives even though I don't travel with it. Working on it this last year has been like driving in a traffic jam 24/7. Can you say high blood pressure?

The questions: Will Apple live up to the hype? And, is Dell as bad as everyone says they are now?


Daisy said...

I dunno about Apples. I'm too much the cheapskate to shell out for one. I do know, however, about my Dell. 2.5 years and counting. Never a hitch. I guess there may be some problems with Dells, but I haven't run across them.

BTW, love your blog. Just found you through Maxed Out Mama. I'll be sure to add you to my bookmarks. Enjoy your new computer!

Chalmers said...

Laptops are just very unstable. They are so small, they run so hot... Once you get comfortable with your iMac, if you like it, grab an iBook. From what I understand, once you get a Mac, you will not want to return to the PC.

Have fun with it you hippie! :-)