Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"The Politics of Food"

A podcast by Glenn & Helen where they interview Nina Planck and Rod Dreher about what to eat and why.

They talk about the intersection of politics, God-loving earth stewards, the Birkenstock granola types (typically leftists), and the home schooling naturalists. Essentially, these are the people who make up our practice. At the core, these people are pragmatic, idealistic individualists. By that I mean that they don't give an organic fig what society considers normal, they are more interested in doing what is right, healthy, and good for their family and the world, but they are freedom-loving enough to let everyone else eat French Fries to their own destruction.

By the way, for all you internet novices (the rest of you can move on), if you click on the link, then click on Instapundit's link, you'll be able to hear a radio-like interview over the speakers of your computer. Make sure the volume is on. Just sayin'.

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