Saturday, August 05, 2006

Power Line: African Uranium Intercepted on Way to Iran

No flippin' way. That never happens.

A United Nations report, dated July 18, said there was “no doubt” that a huge shipment of smuggled uranium 238, uncovered by customs officials in Tanzania, was transported from the Lubumbashi mines in the Congo.

Tanzanian customs officials told The Sunday Times it was destined for the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, and was stopped on October 22 last year during a routine check.

A senior Tanzanian customs official said the illicit uranium shipment was found hidden in a consignment of coltan, a rare mineral used to make chips in mobile telephones. The shipment was destined for smelting in the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan, delivered via Bandar Abbas, Iran’s biggest port.

John Hindraker says, "Quick, someone send Joe Wilson to Tanzania so he can come back and explain why this report can't possibly be true."

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Chalmers said...

at least this time it appears the reports are true. Shall we invade Iran? Makes sense, the US invaded Iraq over non-existent yellow cake uranium. Oh, that's right, there aren't enough troops, bombs or blank checks to invade Iran... they do have oil though. Maybe W should borrow more money.