Monday, August 21, 2006

RUDY '08!

Last week Glenn Reynolds put up a poll for the 2008 Presidential election and noted that Guiliani comes out on top in the Instasphere. He then quotes a reader's email (not mine, I'll note as an aside) who says:

I've always thought the faithful Instapundit reader was first and foremost a security voter, not a Republican, and they are definitely going to break for Giuliani. Wonks and geeks make up a big chunk of the rest, so they (like me) went for Gingrich, the geekiest wonk out there. Neither will probably survive the real Republican primary though. Giuliani is too liberal for primary voters, and Gingrich is (brilliantly) damaged goods.
I emailed to tell him that I thought he was wrong. Here's what I said:
I'm from the Woodlands, Texas, arguably one of the most conservative places in the U.S. I went to a leadership deal in Houston where Guliani spoke at the Toyota Center. The place was packed and absolutely wild for Rudy. I think voters would ignore his abortion stance, or enough to get him elected if he moderated just a bit on it. McCain, however, is done. Hard-core conservatives view him as a disloyal opportunist. He will never get elected as president. Famous last words.
The Anchoress a conservative Catholic, whose opinion I highly value (mostly because I agree with her almost all the time-Ha!) is all for Rudy. She says this:

Giuliani showed me who he was ‘way back when he was refusing Yassar Arafat access to NYC, at a time when the whole world was lauding the monster and kissing his backside. He showed who he was when we were attacked and he managed to reassure the whole nation that capable, adult people were in charge. He showed me who he was when he attended scores of funerals, comforted hundreds of families, walked brides down the aisle because their slain fathers and brothers were lost in the WTC rubble. He showed me who he was when he returned a “relief check” for ten million dollars to a Saudi Prince, because the money came with a denunciation of Israel and of the Jews. We need this unshakable and intrepid man, who is incapable of dithering, in these times.

We know this man, Giuliani, and he is a man-in-full. I would rather have one faulty, imperfect man-in-full in office, (one who is willing to be unpopular, if that’s what it takes) and dealing with our devils, than a dozen “more perfect and palatable” types who either can’t get elected or are too distracted by the demands of “the base” to do what needs doing.

Amen sister!

You know, I think all this "Rudy Guiliani is unelectable" crap projects the Left's hopes and beliefs about Republicans. Republicans have "litmus tests" that disqualify anyone outside their archaic "Christianist" (thank you Andrew Sullivan for bringing this word into the lexicon and revealing yourself at the same time) thinking. Republicans would never elect someone who holds socially liberal policies.

These beliefs reveal something else about America: they still don't get it that the defining issue for Americans is security. Security in the face of terrorists wanting all of us, even Islamofascist sympathizers (yes, you too are marked), dead.

Since the Democrats and Kos Kids refuse to get this, guys like George Bush get elected. Twice. Since they continue to refuse to get this, guys like Guiliani don't just have a small chance, they have a very real chance of being elected.

Rudy Guliani scares the livin' poo out of Democrats. Moderates who held their nose to vote for Bush will vote enthusiasticaly for Guliani. Conservatives concerned that Bush isn't tough enough (the reason so many polls give the Prez a 40% approval rating is because Conservatives aren't happy either, but not for the same reasons as the Democrats) and confident that Guiliani will kick some ass, will enthusiastically vote Guliani.

A commenter at The Anchoress sums it up nicely:

Early in the Civil War, President Lincoln replaced many ineffective generals until he found Grant. It’s said that he was urged to fire Grant for drinking and replied, “I cannot spare this man. He fights.”

I’m with you, Anchoress. On the basis of what I currently know, Rudy is my candidate.

We cannot spare this man. He leads.

Where does that leave Democrats? Outside the Oval Office looking in....again.

What do you think, dear readers?


Christy're said...

I think his pro-choice inherently creates problems for him...I don't dislike him, but I see major problems barring him from GOP nomination. Also, his personal marriage issues may come up as problems down the road.

That being said, I *am* the Eastern Director for Americans for Mitt (www.americansformitt) and the founder/director of Massachusetts for Mitt ( I realize I'm biased. :)

I think the fact that I'm so darn pro-Mitt and I still like Giuliani speaks volumes.

Christy're said...


Chalmers said...

I am not sure I agree that Dems are scared of Guliani. I think that is just more of the Republican "Everyone is out to get us mentality." I think that Guliani will have a hard time convincing the Evangelicals to vote for a Pro-Choice, cheating on his wife, divorced guy. I hope that they do though, because this Kerry voter would vote for Rudy in a heartbeat.

I would just prefer some honesty, courage, honor and respect in the white house again. 18 years is just too long. Rudy would definitely bring those things with him. Anyone with the brass to take on the New York Mob, will take on the terrorists, and I do mean the actual terrorists, not just anyone he feels like.

Dr. Melissa said...

Can't praise Rudy without jabbing Bush can you?

You may be right. No doubt you know the politics better than me in your position. To me, prosecuting the war trumps the social issues--especially when there is so much to lose.

Perhaps Mitt is a warrior and socially conservative? Did I read somewhere that he is Mormon? Have they focus-grouped that? A heck a lot of evangelicals (I'm in Texas remember) view the Morman religion with suspecion--cult like.

All I beg: Please, no McCain!

Anonymous said...

I don't care for Rudy's take on Second Amendment. "everybody has to have a permit, everybody has to have a test" and whatever else. But, just because he says that doesn't necessarily mean it will get thru congress. And as far as the democrats hasseling him on his wife cheating thing...well at least he hasn't let any drown in a pond in if that matters for a democrat.

Dr. Melissa said...

Yes I read the 2nd Amendment statement, too. I don't like it either. All I can see though, is what he did in NY. If you read the Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, he says Guiliani had zip to do with NYC reducing crime. It was all a matter of reduced population.

There will be plenty of ways that Rudy will be targeted.

Christy're said...

Dr. Melissa--there's tons and tons of stuff on Mitt, perhaps most importantly the fact that he came in a strong second to Frist at the SRLC in April.

He is Mormon but so far has overwhelming support from evangelical leaders. There is also a website, that deals with this issue directly.

Mitt is socially and fiscally conservative, a businessman with a law degree as well, and one heck of a strong leader. He knows how to sidestep party politics to get work done. He's my governor, you know, so I have first-hand knowledge of his leadership. I like him.