Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Stuart Taylor Jr.: (New York Times) Witness for the (Duke Rape) Prosecution?

The Slate tagline is "How the New York Times is still victimizing innocent Dukies." I was enraged by the same NYT piece and posted on it. This Slate article is more articulate and comprehensive than what I wrote, but covers the same territory.

The Wilson-Glater piece highlights every superficially incriminating piece of evidence in the case, selectively omits important exculpatory evidence, and reports hotly disputed statements by not-very-credible police officers and the mentally unstable accuser as if they were established facts. With comical credulity, it features as its centerpiece a leaked, transparently contrived, 33-page police sergeant's memo that seeks to paper over some of the most obvious holes in the prosecution's evidence.
He goes on to say why this is so. Very much worth reading. Or, just read KC Johnson or Liestoppers who had the news first and were so kind as to link to my post.

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Anonymous said...

Write to the board of directors of The New York Times Co. Let them know politely what you think of Duff's coverage of the lacrosse hoax case.