Saturday, August 05, 2006

Touching God

The Anchoress believes that if all people would just acknowledge their "divine spark", the world would be a better place. I agree. She says:

If everyone would just sit down and watch this video of Cecilia Bartoli’s super-human vocal virtuosity…we would all be humbled and awestruck at what God has created in human beings…and there would be no war, because we would all understand that we have within us something divine - a spark. In Bartoli’s case, perhaps a flair!

Add some Bryn Terfel to the mix and you realize Bono was right: Music, prayer and marital sexual relations are the three means by which we transcend ourselves and touch the face of God. Prayer is the most challenging…but all three take a discipline, sacrifice and - most importantly - abandonment of self to the “other,” whether that “other” be God, or your spouse, or the music before you. [emphasis added, -Ed.]

Abandonment of your self, one could say (and this is a burdened word) submission to the other begets the freedom we all seek. A spiritual paradox. In all cases, one must calibrate his vibration to the other in order to reach ecstasy. Is there anything better? Not that I know of.....

I would like to add, dear Anchoress, that for those who want an upclose and personal God experience go to iTunes and download the Izaak Perlman "Top 25". And speaking of Vivaldi (and having played the violin for a bit, myself) what Perlman does with the Autumn movement of The Four Seasons will take your breath away. The piece is so over-played and misplayed that to hear it translated perfectly is even more awe-inspiring.

Oh! And another touch God moment: no one sings Amazing Grace like Elvis. That's at iTunes, too.

Listen to all of this and you have a musical sermon.

P.S. I can't link to the above music because iTunes isn't downloaded on this computer. It's worth the effort to look 'em up though.

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