Sunday, August 20, 2006

Undead Links, Ladies & Technology

I would like to point out, for my dear readers who found the dead blogroll links annoying, that they are now undead. So, enjoy. Also, a few blogs have been added--notably in the technology sector.

To the ladies interested only in my personal life and women and family and children issues, I say, "Get with the program, girls!" We need to be savvy about these things. Perhaps if women paid more attention we wouldn't still be bending over to get laundry out of dryers, or standing on our tippy toes to load laundry in the washing maching or bending over again to load the dishwasher, or the oven. No wonder so many women go to Chiropractors. On second thought, keep using those back-breaking household appliances in suffering silence.

Unfortunately, it has only been the advent of more inolved menfolk who find pushing 500# crap-bag strollers unacceptable. Suddenly there are fantastic alternatives.

Technology is changing society and society is changing technology (see above). That's why it's important.


Christy're said...

Which one talks about housework?

The husband and I split the housework so he does laundry half the time and I do it half the time...and either he has to bend down really low or I stand on my tippy toes! We are quite different in height.

Jessica said...

So am I shallow if I say I like this post?
just kidding..