Sunday, August 13, 2006

What's So Wrong With Nascar?

I am reproducing this editorial in its entirety. This is what progressives believe. The title is "Let Them Eat Cake".

by Philip Farruggio

And couch potatoes and soccer balls, and wash it all down with Nascar Fuel. Americans! Boy, how far have we sunk as a culture! They should replace our national anthem with Three Blind Mice!

The electoral primary talk of the media spinsters recently was all about Sen. Lieberman's defeat to the blue blooded, trust baby millionaire turned politician Ned Lamont. Of course, we who actively dissent against this Iraq disgrace are thrilled that the Senator, a joke of a statesman, has been defeated. Ned Lamont based his whole campaign strategy on Iraq. He joined with the majority of mainstream Democrats in simply wanting to set a definite timetable for withdrawal of US troops. I can live with that. Its not what I really want- only an appetizer to the meal I wish to conjure up - duh, like impeachment, indictment and conviction? On other major issues, Lamont, the millionaire, is really not progressive at all. If elected, he will join with the other 40 odd Democrats in the Senate who refuse to hold this administration accountable for lying us into Iraq, illegally spying on Americans, torturing detainees, and failing to reduce our obscene War Economy budget. Thus, as jobs go south, east and west, Lamont, just as Lieberman has done, will turn a blind eye to the sea of foreclosures and personal bankruptcies that shall soon engulf America.

The saddest domestic news story recently was Georgia Rep. Mckinney's defeat in her Democratic primary . Ms. Mckinney was done in by her own party! She even outspent Hank Johnson in the campaign, and still lost. I watched her debate with Johnson on C-span, and it was like a freshman student debating a polished professor. (Yes that is what middle America is worried about. Ms. McKinney reminds me of far too many professors I've had to endure.) Johnson stood there, not seemingly grasping half of what was going on. Ms. Mckinney had well defined policy ideas on major issues, while Johnson repeated the national Democratic mantra. She destroyed him so badly that the poor man was sneezing repeatedly before the cameras. Come election night, Hank Johnson destroyed Cynthia Mckinney. Why? Well, first off, Ms. Mckinney, since 9/11, has been the Congress's most ardent critic and doubter of the official government line. She has conducted hearings on 9/11, featuring well researched and documented theories (buwahahaha), brought to light by highly competent and prudent researchers. Yet, most Americans have been shielded from this information by our complacent mainstream media. I sat and watched a litany of researchers come forward, under the umbrella of McKinney's sponsorship, and give testimony to refute the lies, half truths and purposeful disinformation conjured up by the Bush- Cheney cabal .( Michael Ruppert has appeared at her hearings. Go out, no... run out and buy his book " Crossing the Rubicon " and educate yourself on 9/11, Big Oil, the Bush- Saudi connection and the neo con plans for a new US empire). It seems her own party did not like this pot being stirred too much. They have to worry about those swing voters after all.

Yet, while the world is literally burning, and our nation is stumbling into a depression, my neighbors continue to drive their big SUVs to and fro the soccer fields and Nascar races (and what do you drive, righteous one? and what is your address superior one? I suppose you ride your bike, and use cross ventilation during the summer in your 800 s. f. energy efficient box). They pit stop at the multitude of fast food chains bleeding our town, stuffing that junk into the bellies of their kids and themselves. They rarely question things going on outside of town, accepting verbatim whatever the mainstream news and cable shows toss their way. They are hypnotized by fear. Fear of the terrorists, the A- rabs, the illegals ready to invade, and any poor person who will abuse the welfare system. The sad irony is that the majority of these folks are good, decent and hardworking people. (We're just stooooopid.) They are always there when disaster or tragedy strikes, ready to help others. Yet, to them, Cynthia Mckinney is an eyesore, a big mouthed ( black) woman who got put in her place. You see, the ramifications of this Iraq invasion/occupation have not quite touched their Soccer Mom or Nascar Dad lives yet. Oh, its starting to sink in. They are seeing their property taxes skyrocket along with gas prices. No one has explained to them that, when our federal government amasses such tremendous deficits due to a war economy, the states no longer receive block grant money. This federal block grant money has been used to build or refurbish schools and roads, or help with the costs of Medicaid. Once that spigot is sealed, local communities have to raise property taxes and increase fees. You wanta war, well then you'll pay for a war! One wonders what will happen when America's all volunteer army cannot supply enough bods to patrol the world protecting Big Oil's interests. Did someone say military draft? How will Soccer Mom and Nascar Dad like it when little Johnny (or Jane perhaps) comes of age?

Just as Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Georgie boy had the audacity to tell Americans "Go shopping" right after 9/11. When will my friends and neighbors begin to realize that we cannot wait for leaders to tell us what to do. Its time to tell them what needs to be done. Until then, you can always follow Marie Antoinette's advice. A piece of pound cake anyone?

Philip A Farruggio

Port Orange, Florida

philip a farruggio is a small businessman, free lance columnist, part time radio talk show host and activist. He can be reached at Many of his columns can be read online at OpedNews .com,, and

Do you wonder why the contemptuous "Nascar" everything? What is it about Nascar that bothers leftists? I'm not a huge fan, myself, but I see the allure. Is it that the cars consume lots of gas? Is it that so many Americans love it?

And while I thought the New York Times, the AP and Reuters were complicit in and abetting the destruction, literal destruction, of Western Civilization by Islamofascists--you know by bombs, and plots and whatnot--all along the real villian is Nascar, soccer and SUVs. You know, that simplifies things, doesn't it? Eliminating the big three, will certainly make the world a better place.

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