Tuesday, September 12, 2006

9/11 Conspiracy Craze

I have thought all along that the 9/11 Conspiracy Craze was simply mental masturbation for the mentally ill masses. The theories sounded plausible (and exciting when delivered with breathless intensity) until taking a minute or two to explore the facts. So I haven't posted on it. Why? It's nonsense.

A dear loved one called me yesterday and said, "Someone told me some really surprising stuff about the towers going down."

"Let me guess," I said, "Controlled demolition, explosives, yadda, yadda, yadda."

"Oh, you've already heard?" Disappointed that I already knew.

"It's BS," I said.

"But she said..." My silence stopped the conversation. "Okay, then, what's your explanation?"

"I'm not having this conversation." I said. "Popular Mechanics explains it in all its scientific glory. Read it and then tell me if you think some vast, worldwide conspiracy brought the Towers down."

It is time, if you haven't already, to learn the facts. Start here and then go here.


Anonymous said...

Excellent...too bad it won't do anything to change the minds of the conspiraloons.

Anonymous said...

It is literally impossible to change the mind of a Conspiracy True Believer. As one talk-show host years ago put it:

* Any evidence against The Conspiracy is Obviously Disinformation Planted By The Conspiracy.

* Lack of evidence is Proof It Was Silenced By The Conspiracy.

* The Conspiracy Belief Is Always Right, the smug knowledge of "I KNOW What's REALLY Going On".

And have you ever noticed that everyone in the entire world except The True Believer ends up as part of The Conspiracy? (Listen to Bob Dylan's "Talking John Birch Society Blues" sometime.) I think they're just bitter because The Great Conspiracy didn't invite them to join.

Anonymous said...

Addendum to the above, re the "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! IT'S ALL OVER BUT THE SCREAMING!" Conspiracy Theories like The Shaver Mystery, Secret Alien Grey Shadow Governments, Hollow-Earth Reptoids/Organic Robotoids, and others you find phoning in to Art Bell about 3 Ayem:

Years ago, underground cartoonist Roberta Gregory(?) did a parody of "The Three Little Pigs" where one of the pigs is into Conspiracy Theory. He's always oinking at all the other pigs to "WAKE UP!", that everything in their lives is All a Conspiracy to kill them all at the "Slaughterhouse". (However, at no time does he ever give a reason or an idea on how to escape this fate or stop The Conspiracy.) He keeps spinning his conspiracy theory through the ride to the packing plant and up the slaughter chute, finally (as he is the last up the chute to be slaughtered) screaming "SEE! SEE! I WAS RIGHT! I WAS RIGHT! I WAS RIGHT! SLICE - GAAKKKKKKKKKK!!!"

No chance of survival, no attempt at stopping The Slaughterhouse Conspiracy, nothing except the smug satisfaction of "YOU'RE ALL WRONG! I WAS RIGHT! I WAS RIGHT! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" That's what Conspiracy Theories are all about.