Friday, September 29, 2006

Aaron Gets Un-Screwed

Does that sound painful to you? According to first-hand accounts, having the wire bars unscrewed from Aaron's head hurt like screws being pulled out of one's skull. It got worse, the source says. He had to put his neck into flexion and extension for an X-ray to determine if the joint was stable.


There is very, very good news to reprt: his neck continues to heal and he now is the proud owner of a very hard neck brace. He can wear a different one to take a shower. Remember, he hasn't had a full shower for over three months. Yes, I'm sure it is vile. Me wonders if he has indulged in a bath yet. Hmmm... Time for a phone call. Just a sec......

Okay, just got off the phone with the former Dr. Wileystein. Here's the news:

  1. His neck is sore. He is moving a lot to get into postitions that feel better.
  2. He has big, gaping holes in his head. He says it looks like a giant snake bit his head and left venom holes. I told him I'd be right over to take some cool pictures. Yeah, I know, it's gross. It's kinda like giving birth, though. All that pain and misery and surrealness needs to be captured otherwise it becomes a misty water-colored memory.
  3. He has NOT taken a shower or otherwise immersed himself in a bath. He needs to protect the venom holes so they don't get infected. Fair enough. Maybe I'll postpone the visit a few days.
  4. He watched Million Dollar Baby the night before the appointment. Coincidentally, he had to fill out his Living Will before the appointment. How ominous is that? Thankfully, Rhonda didn't see it.
  5. He's in good spirits and feels optimistic. More friends/family visiting this week so they will have company again. Everyone is back to being healthy (kids had snotty stuff).
Here's to hoping that the Wiley clan is beginning to look at this epidsode of their lives in the rear-view mirror. They are all changed permanently, no doubt.

For fun, I created a website using the whole iMac stuff for the Wiley family. There are more pictures and all the previous posts in one place. I'll add to it as I have more time. Buwahahaha! Okay, I'll add a post here and there and add the pictures. Let me know what you think. It will be a kind of permanent archive to the whole ordeal.


Sharon said...

Yahoo! Glad Aaron's "coming apart" a good way. Thanks for the update. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for an update on Aaron. We certainly have been thinking about him and Rhonda, as well as the boys. Soooo glad to hear the good news and hope it all continues to improve.
Thank you, Dr M for all your efforts with the updates. We really appreciate what you do, did, and still are doing for the Wiley family. God bless....
Love to all, Dorothy T

Dr. Melissa said...

Thank you for your kind words, ladies. Have you checked out the other website? What do you think? Did it load okay or did it take forever? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see Aaron doing better now. Yes, it loaded up nicely and it didn't take any time. It looks really nice and I think it was a really nice gift to them. I'm sure they were deeply touched.

Healthy Girl said...

Glad to hear Aaron is doing better. I was in a car accident when i was 8 and I had to wear a halo and it was not fun at all. But was worse when they removed it . Thank goodness time fades away memories of pain .