Thursday, September 14, 2006

Betsy: Khatami's Lies to Harvard

Amir Taheri listened to Khatami's speech at Harvard and notes several instances where Khatami used one phrase in Farsi but the translator gave a different impression when he translated into English.
He used a vocabulary carefully designed to hoodwink the Americans without angering his fellow Khomeinists back home. The trick was reinforced by the fact that he often said one thing in Persian, while the interpreter said something else in English for the benefit of the Harvard audience.

For example, Khatami would speak of khoshunat, which means "roughness," but the interpreter would translate it into "violence" or even "terror." Thus, the Harvard audience would think that Khatami admits that there may be terrorism in the realm of Islam - while back in Tehran, he would appear talking only about "roughness" and "coercion."
Read the whole thing.

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