Monday, September 11, 2006

Clinton is a Genius

Clinton made a fuss about a docudrama that turned out to be great advertising for an average piece of "art". He manipulated, bullied, and cried foul, playing the victim while simultaneously covering Hilary's flank for her future political ambitions.

While those of us on the Right side of the blogosphere had a conniption fit and those on the Left revealed themselves to be the Machiavellian stooges that everyone knows them to be, Clinton's message was tailor-made for the mass media audience.

As much influence as blogs may have, it is still not much when compared to the Main Stream Media. The MSM knows which side its bread is buttered on. The likelihood of using the words "censorship" or "inhibition of artistic integrity" when asking their beloved Democrats a question is nil. They see thwarted interview possibilities, lost advertising dollars and deprivation of the ever present warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from being smarter than everyone. That feeling is exstinguished when one is shunned and looking from the outside in.

The Clintons hated the press and still do. They didn't pretend to have a warm relationship with them. They simply counted on the press's bias to fall in their favor in spite of personal animus. And it always did.

And it still does.

Clinton is no dummy. He knows the psychology of the press, the media companies and the common citizen. He doesn't give a crap about the blogosphere. He's done his cost-benefit analysis, and to him the KosKids will fall in line (and they will and they did) and those on the Right will always see him for what he is: an untrustworthy, habitual liar.

He doesn't care what people think about his strong-arm methods. He cares only that the message he wants in the public square gets in the public square. He very nearly always succeeds. The ABC program is only the most recent example.

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Chalmers said...

By the end of that post I forgot whether you were talking about Clinton or Bush!