Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Clintons: Me Thinks They Dost Protest Too Much

So does The Anchoress. She says:

Doesn’t it seem to you that the grown-up, mature and statesmanlike thing to do would be to say, “every president makes mistakes,” and move on? Oh…but that would first admit that a Clinton is capable of being less-than-perfect, and it would also admit that GW Bush is simply a man in a difficult job. Talk about destroying narratives! No…they can’t and won’t make that simple statement. One honest line like that would undo all these years of propaganda.
Destroying narratives bad! Living in la-la land, good!

I haven't written much, not at all actually, about the TV special that riles the Cllintons that portrays the pre-9/11 90's under their watch poorly. Why? The Clintons trying to manipulate the media? Since when is that news?

The Anchoress has suffered the last month with colds and coughs and general yuckiness (as has Jeff Goldstein). Please pray for them. It just will not do to have two of my favorite bloggers under the weather. I need the fix I get from their blogs and since it is ....ALL ....ABOUT.....ME....they must get well soon!

Update: Ack! I just read that Goldstein is taking a leave of absence to buy a house and write a screen-play. Uh, I don't think so, Jeffrey Goldstein! A blogger of your magnitude is not allowed life nor livelihood. You must continue to blog--evidently you didn't read that it is all about me. Speaking of, I'd be happy to guest blog here or there.

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