Monday, September 04, 2006

Crocodile Hunter Steve Dies

Update: DailyKos says Steve Irwin is like parents who enlist in the military and could leave their kids parentless. Via LGF. No, this is not a joke.

A stab to the heart from nature courtesy a frightened sting-ray. I felt an affinity for this crazy guy who clearly love all things animal, but am I alone in thinking "this is not going to end well"? The odds of great harm at the fangs of nature seemed inevitable. Alas, I'm very sorry he's gone. Few people display his childlike enthusiasm into adulthood and that's too bad. His friend Russell Crow says:

Oscar winner Russell Crowe, who became friends with Irwin four years ago, also released a statement: "He was the Australian we all aspire to be. He held an absolute belief that caring for the richness of our country, meaning specifically the riches of our fauna, was the highest priority we should have. And, over time, we might just see how right he was. He was and remains, the ultimate wildlife warrior. He touched my heart. I believed in him. I'll miss him. I loved him and I will be there for his family."

Sting-ray story: This reminds me of our friends who swam with the sting-rays on a recent cruise. Their teenage daughter was terrified. She, along with her best friend, made for the cruise ship post haste. The parents found this fear amusing. There are loads of pictures for posterity's sake. In retrospect, maybe the squealing teens weren't so silly.


Anonymous said...

We are also sad that he is gone.
Sting-rays are normally not agressive which makes you wondered if they were in close proximity with sharks making them feel anxious and defensive

He will be missed by many.

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching his show a long long time ago cause i was always watching it with one hand covering part of my face. I too, feared what has ultimately happened. I did like his style though and thought he must have been great fun and from footage i've seen of him on Fox news with Brian, what a FUN GUY he must have been. And he appeared to be one of the good guys. He's gonna be missed.