Sunday, September 24, 2006

Feminism's New Cause Celeb

In stark contrast to the freedeom American women enjoy, there are women who are no more than owned objects in Islamic societies. That is today. Right. Now.

Where are the Feminist organizations? Why, they are fighting for these women to stay shackled, thank you!

As I pondered here this weekend about Feminism--who's in, who's out--it is becoming clear to me that many who claim Feminism have no moral foundation whatsoever. They save their misplaced outrage for George Bush and give a pass to women-torturing and murdering regimes. While blood cries out for vengeance, they support the very oppressive regimes who spill the blood.

They call evil good. And good evil.

Please go to Ghost of a Flea and read the whole post. It is disturbing.

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