Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Gina Cobb: Can We Take the Losses?

Three combat deaths per year in Afghanistan. Three deaths. That is what the Times is hand-wringing over. Gina Cobb rightly asks:

For anyone still keeping track of the numbers, 37 total British deaths in a little short of five years amounts to an average of 7 deaths a year. If we look only at combat deaths and exclude deaths to due accidents, illness, and the like we are talking about a total of 16 combat-related deaths, which is an average of only about 3 combat-related deaths per year.
How many nations in the history of the world have ever managed to wage war with only three combat deaths per year? Instead of shaking its head over the current level of casualties, the Times should be doing handsprings and celebrating the astounding success of British generals.
Go read the whole post. After reading it, I was left wondering where the stiff upper lip of the Brits has gone to. Sheesh. I'm 1/2 English (the other 1/2 Scottish), surely there's something stout in that blood, yet, no?

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