Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kos & Spankings

I had no idea what Kos sounds like. Now I do and wish I didn't. He has voice for blogging, that is for sure.

There he is in all his mousey glory. Now, this post isn't to bash Markos. I'm sure he's a very nice progressive guy.

My point is to point out this truism: if your image doesn't help your message, don't use it. This follows on the heals of the brouhaha between John Hawkins and Beth of My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. I read both. I enjoy both.

Right now, Beth is angry at John saying that women should be judged by their writing and not by their looks. And while I think in a perfect world, where men and women had their eyes plucked out to make things fair, that would be ideal, I just don't believe that people, anyone, judge by content alone.

Take for example, Kos. While he isn't repulsive to look at, he's cute enough I guess, his voice is like fingernails on a chalk board. Had he never talked, I would never have made a judgement about it. But he has and now I know. I am disinclined to listen to him again. I'm not particularily fond of his content either.

So humans use their senses to filter information through. While I don't use provocative pictures at my site to drive readership even though I know it works--hell, using the word "spanking" drives traffic to your site--I don't condemn those who do. I'm just not sure I want that kind of readership. Oh what the hell, I want readers. Lot's of them!

Spankings for everyone!

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Sharon said...

What's he storing in his cheeks? He reminds me of a chipmunk. I only watched/listened to a couple minutes of this. (It was all I could take this early in the day.)

What's the big complaint about "Conservative Media?" Okay...so the AM dial has a fair number of conservative talk shows, I'll give him that. But what...FM and the majority of TV outlets are not enough for the Democrats? They want it ALL?!? I feel that the bulk of the media are at the disposal of Democrats and readily promote that agenda at every opportunity. CNN for instance...they bombard nearly every traveler in the airport terminals with their 24/7 "news."

Whine, whine, whine...if Kos believes in his "product," then market it for being a great thing and promote IT. It's lame that he's promoting the Democratic perspective by bashing conservatives.