Saturday, September 09, 2006

LGF: Saudis Sending 15,000 Students to US to "Stem Unrest"

Soon, there will be 15,000 young Saudis in the U.S. to get educated:

The Saudi government has approved its largest scholarship program in history.

They’re planning to send 15,000 young students, indoctrinated to despise infidels by the Wahhabi educational system, to the United States: Huge Hike in Number of Scholarships. (Hat tip: Sabra.)

KING Abdullah, who is also the chairman of the Higher Education Council, has approved a program to allocate 15,000 scholarships for study in the US and 3,000 in some Asian countries.

Announcing this here Monday, Minister of Higher Education Dr Khalid Al-Anqari said this is the largest scholarship program by the government so far.

The program will include doctorate, master’s, fellowship and bachelor degrees, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) report.

US college administrators are overjoyed at this windfall: U.S. Schools Compete for Saudi Students.

Is this such a bad idea? Wouldn't the best way to help affect change among the disaffected youth be to educate them? Won't they find it harder to hate if they can compete in the world not by knocking someone else's blocks down but by building their own?

Look at the leadership of Jordan, all Western educated. Their country has maneuvered many a perilous time thanks to wisdom born of knowledge and broader world experience.

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