Saturday, September 09, 2006

Links of Greatness

Another link from John Hawkins at RightWingNews. Thanks John! And to think I took a nap this afternoon instead of blogging. That'll teach me for sleeping at the wheel. Again.

Anyway, John has good stuff as usual.

Mother Sheehan fantasizes about murdering GW as a baby. Coo-coo for Co-Co Puffs, but we knew that already.

PS: Isn't it supposed to be like Day 163 of Cindy's fast? Oh wait, she actually pledged to fast for two months and supposedly ate something 37 days in on doctor's orders Shouldn't she be thinner than Nicole Ritchie after heavy liposuction by now? Maybe that's why she wishes she could murder Bush in his crib, because she's so weak from all that fasting and she doesn't think she's physically strong enough to murder anybody bigger than a baby.
And the U.S. is going to use tricked out Frisbees of Death for soldiers wiz into the caves of the "cave dwelling tribalists who want to drag the world backwards to the 7th century."

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