Thursday, September 14, 2006

Men Smarter Than Women?

My first reaction to the research (here) was that they might have bigger brains, but if they only use a half of it the advantage is lost. Okay, I'm being cheeky.

Here is where I think the research is right: boys suffer and suffer grade-wise on all manner of testing through the school years because they mature much slower than girls (most anyway--we all know of hirsute sixth graders with the muscle mass of Arnold Schwarzennager who tend to end up a shrimp by Senior year). The way schooling is structured now also favors girls. (Who ever heard of two hours of homework in third grade and no recess?)

Here is where I disagree: I don't think four points makes a hoot of difference when it comes to the glass ceiling. Social differences, education, childbearing, etc. affect women's ascent in the business world.

I.Q. will provoke fascination and horror depending on your background: if you're a tall, firstborn, male with high birthweight and a big head, you might think that success is guaranteed. If you're short, the runt of the family, and female with a small head, you might think success is doomed.

Thankfully, life is more complex and character driven than the above picture paints.

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