Sunday, September 03, 2006

Out of It & Getting Back Into It

You know, not watching the news, posting or otherwise engaging in civilization for two days freaks me out. Has anything happened of importance?

Let's see bad guy in Iraq gets captured. Good news!

Ford, the company that's attempting avante guard advertising is going down the tubes.

Europe's first lunar mission ends with a crash. Actually, this is good news.

Tom Cruise seems to be trying to win back some celebrity credibility by apologizing to Brooke Shields. I noted the other day that he peeved more people with his disparagement of anti-depressant users than all the Scientology silliness. Since everyone assumes actors are crazy, looney religions are par for the course. But they better not tread on Prozac, man. Now that's sacred ground.

Another guy who lost none of the love over the years retired today: Andre Agassi. I always appreciated his blistering serve, his ebulliant play, his "zest for living". There also seemed to be a perspective about him--that life was more than winning. Perhaps his enormous talent made him lazy, but it also made him more real in some senses. He was not a man driven by the kill. He seemed a man driven by the love and the glory shot and while that makes for inconsistent play, it's fun to watch.

By the way, Afghanistan still exists, four Canadian soldiers lost their lives today fighting terrorist scum. War continues to be, in this sanitized age, hell.

And now, the drumroll please. (Big pause for efffect.) The most shocking news of the day is this: Iran defies Kofi Annan, Omnipotent Leader of the Supreme Council of Nothing, and will continue enriching uranium. It is reported that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stuck his thumbs in his ears, wiggled his fingers and said, "Pfffft...." to Annan, soiling the Omnipotent Leader with spittle.

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