Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Presiden'ts Speech

Right now, he's talking directly to the people of Iran and other nations supporting terrorism. He's talking about their suffering because their leaders are using the coutnry's resources to fund terrorism. [A much better solution than talking to their flaky leader. He talked directly to them instead rather than give President Good Hair any legitimacy.]

Now he's talking to the UN about acting in Sudan.

"The world must stand for peace in the Holy Land". Now, Palestinian state....back to The Roadmap. Palestinians have suffered and Israel has suffered. Uh oh, Palestinians must recognize Israel's right to exist. He then goes on to say, "Peace can be achieved." He also calls for the Palestinian leaders to come together to "resolve their differences." [As we have seen, this is a lot to ask.]

"Freedom by it's nature cannot be imposed. It must be chosen." [Best line.]

Will we support the moderates who work for peace or will we choose to stand with terrorists? America has made it's choice. [This is an approximation....it's tough to listen and type. I'd be a terrible transcriptionist.]

Work towards peace in the Middle East and strive to uphold the high ideals that founded the UN.

His tone was passionate, stern and he seemed to be talking faster than usual.


Holy crap. I'm blogging. The phone rings and it's the sherriff's department, asking me if everything is okay. Seems my 18 month old called 911 while I was focused on something besides him. Where do I find him? On my bed, casually flipping through my magazines and jabbering on the phone. I couldn't get a word in edge-wise talking to the police officer. When I told the kid that he couldn't use the phone without me, he gave me that my-mom-is-such-a-pain look. He's kid number three and going through the developmental stages rather quickly. I'm in big trouble.


Anyway, does the speech that Bush makes to the UN matter? No doubt the haters still hate. The rogue nations have recast themselves as the underdogs only arming themselves to defend against America's tyranny. This message doesn't have to focus-grouped. We already know most European countries and American Leftists feel the same way.

Another thing struck me, that Bush drew a stark contrast between civilization and modernity and terrorism and misery. The themes, while not new, felt like the tone of the Pope's speech. Perhaps Bush was emboldened by the Pope?

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