Friday, September 29, 2006

Random Questions

  • Should a Pastor drive a Mercedes? Is it right for him to fly First Class?
  • How rich is too rich? At what point should someone donate their earnings in the service of a greater good?
  • Is it right to have children if you can't care for them under the modern guidelines of "good parenting"--college education, lots of lessons, etc.
  • Are American's gluttons--taking more than they should? Or is that just the philosophy of a scarcity mentality? Is it possible to answer yes to both?
Update: Over at Ace, speak of the Devil, a couple of retired Catholic Priests stole 8 Million dollars--skimmed it off the top. That's a lot of skimming. I wasn't referring to this more ribald taking advantage of loyal, tithe-paying church-goers. I was referring to the more subtle methods of taking.

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Christy're said...

Huge questions! And I don't think there's an easy line; if you take the Gospels literally there is no reason for decadence when people are starving. The general view of the NT is that the physical is short-term and the spiritual is long-term.

I do not think that parents shouldn't have kids if they can't pay for college or a gazillion lessons on the side! There's more to life than that, and kids can take out student loans.

I do think we take more than we "should;" I think we feed our spiritual void with material things. I can't possibly explain how devoid many of my neighbors are even with their Mercedes and expensive houses. It's the wrong path for everyone.