Sunday, September 10, 2006

Satiating the "Lust for Political Pornography"

Boston Globe's Jeff Jacoby: Can Bush hatred sink any lower? I don't think so. But, hey! We'll give our efforts the college try.

This is Bush-hatred as a snuff film. The fantasies it feeds are grotesque and obscene; to pander to such fantasies is to rip at boundary-markers that are indispensable to civilized society. That such a movie could not only be made but lionized at an international film festival is a mark not of sophistication, but of a sickness in modern life that should alarm conservatives and liberals alike.

Naturally that's not how the film's promoters see it. Noah Cowan, one of the Toronto festival's codirectors, high-mindedly describes ``Death of a President" as ``a classic cautionary tale." Well, yes, Bush's assassination is ``harrowing," he says, but what the film is really about is ``how the Patriot Act, especially, and how Bush's divisive partisanship and race-baiting has forever altered America."

These are the same people, mind you, who want to "yank" the sloppy ABC Docudrama because it puts the Clinton's (and Bush's too, but that's just a given) administration in a "bad light".

And these are the people who want to be taken seriously. I take them seriously all-right. They are seriously mentally unstable.

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