Monday, September 25, 2006

Scott Adam's Stupid Bear Analogy

In this case, he should stick to comics. Go over and read the whole post for yourself. Nutshell:

If you poke a bear and it eats you. Is it your fault or the bears?
Let's see.... are we assuming Muslims are animals and therefore shouldn't "poke" them say, by posting pictures of Allah, or saying that we believe talking is better than killing, or by saying that honor killings is effing stupid, or saying "hey idiot, when you're a violent thug you prove everyone's point!"? Are we assuming these actions are "poking the bear"?

Because, see, I'm not assuming that the Muslims are reacting in such animalistic fashion because they are animals, but because they enjoy acting like animals. Acting like animals serves their desire for power and domination. That they can do it in the name of Allah (a very non-animal thing, religion) is all the better.

Bottom line, stupid analogy. Falls right into the same thinking:
  • The gun killed
  • Her miniskirt (or lack of burqua) made me do it
  • It's not fair that I don't have a flat screen, that's why I took it


kman said...

It's a classic bait and switch analogy.

If you poke a bear and it kills you... you deserve to die because you were colossally stupid.

However the non bait and switch portion of the analogy should have been something like this...

If the bear is strapping on explosives to kill you in your house because of something someone else said or did... It deserves to die because it was colosally stupid.

Dr. Melissa said...

Can we just agree that bears are stupid?

Christy're said...

Is poking the same thing as killing thousands of people and planning more mass murder?

Chalmers said...

Scott Adams is a moron. Let's just get that out there first. He has begun doing more "seminal" work over the last few years. To say that it is worthless would be too complimentary. He is a classic example of people that have been over-complimented. He thinks that an incisive comic about using your speakerphone to check voicemail is equivalent to some ground breaking philosophical theory.

By the way, poke the bear? Poke the bear?!? If the bear kills my family and wants to kill me, but takes the proverbial nap, I am going to strap [i]him[\i] with explosives and push the red button! In the timeless words of John McClane (Bruce Willis in Die Hard), "Glass?!? Glass?!? Who gives a sh-t about glass?"

Chalmers said...

My response to Scott's philosophizing:

Scott, you are a self important moron. Your analogy holds no water. A bear is an animal, with no ability for rational thought. A person is not an animal, it is a thinking, reasoning being. If a person decides to turn off that part of their brain and kill someone, they belong in jail, or hanging from the gallows.

To close, Scott you really should stick to comics, you are out of your depth with the whole philosophy schtick.

kman said...

Did you read his follow up the next day? The whole problem with his view point is that he doesn't believe in free-will. Without free-will things like fault and responsibility have no meaning. I think this is the same belief that all personal injury & class action lawyers subscribe to.

Of course he doesn't stop to consider what a sucky world this would be if everyone believed as he does. I think one of the top scourges facing America today is a lack of people taking responsibility for their actions.