Thursday, September 07, 2006

Semantic Memory

For all you neuro buffs out there, new research pinpoints where semantic memory is stored in the brain--in the frontal pole of the temporal lobe.

Words trigger memories, are memories. As an example, where does your mind flow when you hear (or read) the word "apple pie"? If you hold the apple pie in your mind, you will start salivating (assuming you like apple pie) and remembering. In my case, I think of family reunions which reminds me of my second cousins which reminds me of chiropractic (a cousin is a Chiropractor), his brother is an MD and was a military pilot along with his other brother who flew B-52s. And I wonder how they are doing. And I wonder if one is still in Minnesota as a hospital administrator. And then I wonder what they think about the war stuff.

You see? Apple pie isn't just apple pie--at least not neurosemantically. This is important research because the part of the brain associated with dementia affects semantic memory.

It is weird to think about but words affect physiology, just as smells, tastes, etc. do.

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