Monday, September 18, 2006

Sick as a Dirty Dog

When I was in chiropractic college, Bailey, the honey-colored Golden Retriever semi-puppy got lost from his master D.L. Everyone loved Bailey who was beautiful, if not the smartest canine on the block. Old Bailey liked dumpster diving as much as the next dog, evidently, and ran amok with some foul stuff.. He cam home sick as a ..... dog. Which is to say the Vet gave him zip chance of survival. D.L. filled with pluck, love and quite a bit of luck nursed back ole' Bailey from dog's doomsday.

This is all to say that I'm not that sick. I am sick enough to feel like I'm thinking through a thick fog of mucus. My mind is running all over the place and ending up plugged. It ain't pretty.

In my sans bebe faze, I could take to my bed and make like a Southern gal with the vapors. No more. I must attempt to watch a toddler intent on self-destruction while in this vile state.

You know, before kids, there was a certain amount of pleasure in being sick (but not too sick). Laying around, watching daytime talk shows and marvelling at America's moral decay, looking at the pictures in magazines because one didn't have the mental stamina for actually reading the articles and it was all okay, because "I'm sick". Snort. Cough.

Having kids has sucked the joy right out of being sick.


Gina Cobb said...

It didn't dawn on me how physically hard it is to be the parent of a small, energetic toddler -- and sick at the same time -- until the first time it happened. It makes you wonder how prairie women survived this and much worse. (I guess some didn't.)

One night this past year, I could truthfully say to my daughter "I know exactly how you feel" because she threw up -- then I threw up -- then it was her turn again . . . and then mine . . . and I was of course the person responsible for cleaning it all up. It was a long night.

On the plus side, the next day we both recovered and I felt extra terrific, the way you do sometimes when you get over a bad illness.

I have become a believer in flu shots for the whole family. I don't like avoidable suffering.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you have been sick these days. Yup, when you have kids needing you it is no fun being sick.

You will be getting Lord of the Rings 50th Anniversary addition very soon. Hopefully it will cheer you up and make you feel better. Enjoy!