Saturday, September 16, 2006

What Would Happen if Democrats Win?

John Hawkins lists a few things including:

* The Democrats cutting off funds to the troops, forcing them to come home, and thereby delivering victory into the hands of the terrorists in Iraq.

* The Dems could systematically block crucial intelligence programs, many of which the general public probably doesn't even know about yet, and leave us wide open for one -- or even a dozen new 9/11s.

* An illegal immigration amnesty plan being pushed through the House that would legalize 12 million plus illegals, their families, and their relatives without securing the border.

* An end to the Bush tax cuts.

* The Democrats would push for new tax increases.

* Spending could INCREASE considerably as Democrats use their stronger position to funnel more pork to their districts and push big government programs.

* If a Supreme Court Justice were to retire and Bush were able to nominate a replacement, the nuclear option would be out of reach and Bush could be forced to nominate a moderate in order to get him through.

* Two years of impeachment attempts for anything and everything the Democrats can come up with.
He doesn't list the worst thing: even more press for the Dems (if that were possible). The Democrat's stupid opinions, nonsensical arguments and incoherent contradictions will be given airtime.


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