Thursday, September 21, 2006

Who Invited You, Hugo?

Hugo Chavez the most welcome guest to America in quite some time (after Khatami and Ahmadinejad) reiterated his animous for President Bush. While one of my very loyal readers was alarmed that this mafia-looking Dictator graced America's hallowed shores, I, for one am glad he's here and I'll tell you why.

American Leftists have spewed Chavez's rhetoric non-stop since Bush "stole" the election in 2000. The maniacal mantra, "Bush is evil, Bush is evil, Bush is evil" hasn't stopped ever since. Chavez, in all his ignorant, foolish glory, just said what a chunk of America including good, ole Danny Glover, believes.

Say it loud! Say it proud, brother Hugo! And while you're naming the devil, why not do it in a black church in Harlem where inane statements like, "you're the original Americans, aborigines, like me" and "you're the survivors", received enthusiastic applause and chants of adoration in Spanish.

That's right America, take a nice, long look at the Left. Drink in the poison and let it fester for a while. These ridiculous, inane babblings of a sociopathic Dictator represent the Democrats running for office. He's just more succinct about what he really believes. This via Slate:

At Urban Elephantsa blog that, like Rangel, comes from New York—Quick Justice thinks Rangel is just playing it safe: "At this point, past Democrat criticisms of Bush look identical in tone and substance to Chavez's, linking them to him, and making it obvious that they've become uncomfortably close to sworn enemies of this nation."

Oh sure, Charlie Rangel gave a half-hearted scolding (he recommended that Bush and Chavez keep their war of words between them, and don't come to "my country" and take shots at "the President", say it "to the American people"--I actually have no idea what the hell Rangel was talking about). Nancy Pelosi called Chavez a "thug". No kidding! He is definitely thuggish and brutish and not quite the polished ranter that Howard Dean is (ha!), but the sentiments and Machiavellian scheming aren't all that different.

But please, the reason these two even said anything is because Chavez barking at the moon and spouting Democratic talking points was just a tad too blunt for everyone's liking. Unlike you, Hugo, the Democrats have to persuade everyone they are more mentally balanced than they are and actually stating what they believe straight out like you did puts a fair amount of pressure on them. Ack! If we say you're a poopy-head, Hugo, the nutroots won't like it. If we agree, everyone will know, once and for all, without a doubt, that we are certifiably nuts.

My, my. What a double-bind!

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Sharon said...

Just to make sure I have this straight...the Dixie Chicks catch crap, lose fans, fail to sell out a tour, all stemming from negative comments made overseas regarding our President...but hardly anyone gives a hoot about Chavez and his politics, even inviting him to our country knowing full well that he will spew insults at our president? Freedom of speech, I guess.