Friday, September 08, 2006

A Woman With No Need to Learn to Shoot

Seems this lady nurse took care of things with a handy hammer and beat the intruder with a good thwap to the noggin, (noggen?). I suppose that'll do in a pinch as well as any .45 if you have the element of surprise on your side.

Anyway, Dr. Helen has a post about women learning to shoot. I have been yacking since the hurricanes that it's time to get me a weapon (that's Texas Hill Country jargon for going to Wal-Mart and procuring a firearm.) She says that this book is worth buying for novices (that would be me) and women wishing to brush up on their skills:

Anyway, my point here is not to go off on a tangent on the benefits of gun rights vs. gun control, but rather to focus on the great tips in this book written by two women, Diane Nicholl & Vicki Farnam. They focus on tips for female students who are learning to shoot and label their first chapter, "Risk and Opportunity". They talk to the female student about how to manage the mental risk of shooting and use a bit of psychology to talk to a fear of success that women may have when shooting.
And there's a video of Dr. Helen brandishing heat, for those into that kind of thing. Oh, come on! Charlie's Angels wasn't a smash hit for nothin'!

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