Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bush & Clinton Were Right: Saddam Plotted Against U.S.

The Anchoress, via Gina Cobb (remember her? the guest-blogging lawyer who we have all grown to know and love), notes this:

Many of us who live in New York have not forgotten that on 9/12/01 the only consulate not flying their flag at half-staff was Iraq’s.
Her post relies on the work of Ed Morrissey who says this:
Interestingly, the Iraqis met success on almost all of these efforts. They managed to get three of the four nations mentioned to undermine the sanctions regime and argue for its end even more vociferously after Bush took office. Only Japan demurred from enabling the Iraqis to break what little containment still existed. The IIS tightened its grip on Iraqis within Iraq; they had a fearsome reputation regarding expatriates already. And as history proved less than six months later, terrorists attacked America while the Palestinians danced in the streets.

The timing of this memo seems significant. Recall that just two weeks prior to this memo, Air Brigardier General Abdel Magid Hammot Ali called on the pilots under his command at Ali Bin Abi Taleb Air Force Base to volunteer for suicide missions.
Let me know if you see this in the MSM. 'Cuz I'm really interested in their takes on this information.


Anonymous said...

Let me know if you see this in the MSM.

doubleplusungood refs unpersons.
doubleplusungood refs unevents.

Comrade O'Brian, Inner Party: "Where, then, does the past live?"

6079 Smith W, Outer Party: "In historical records. And in the minds of men."

Comrade O'Brian, Inner Party: "We, The Party, control all records. And we, The Party, control men's memories. So we, The Party, control the past. And by controlling the past, we, The Party, control the future."

Anonymous said...

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