Monday, October 30, 2006

Duke Rape & Demented Witnesses--UPDATED

This case is insane in the membrane. The families of the accused, heck the accused, must feel like they are living in a parallel universe. What the hell?

I'm no lawyer, but is there such a thing as summary judgment, or can the judge thrown this case out? This case already makes the O.J. case look positively temperate.

If this case interests you (and who isn't interested?), you need to bookmark K.C. Johnson's site (CORRECTION: is Durham in Wonderland), Liestoppers is another site altogether, one that I have referenced before. KC Johnson is working, without pay, as a reporter. His reporting puts the MSM to shame. It is accurate. It's up-to-date and gives huge amounts of background. Please visit both Liestoppers and Durham in Wonderland for up-to-the-minute news.

My question about Kim, the other stripper at the Lacrosse party: What the heck is she doin' yammering her way across America? Doesn't she have a lawyer? Is she being paid by someone? (Update: Obviously, I know she has a lawyer. And I have read her comments in the press. What I don't understand is why she is talking so much.)


Anonymous said...

sheesh, if you're really interested, you might want to get your facts straight. KC Johnson is not on Liestoppers but Durham_in_Wonderland. Liestoppers is a separate site, quite good, too.

And Kim does have a lawyer. Did you bother to read anything about her interview and the lawyer's comments?

You might benefit from some time spent educating yourself on this topic so that you can contribute to the cause of justice instead of confusing the issue.

Dr. Melissa said...

Oops, sorry about the mix-up about confusing Liestoppers and Durham in Wonderland. I'll correct immediately.

Yes, I did read about her and her lawyer. I was being sarcastic. My question: is she purposely being trotted out giving new and different information every time so she is completely discredited on the stand? It seems that she will not be a reliable witness for the defense.

Anonymous said...

This case proves that women frequently lie about being raped for money and to get instant sympathy.