Monday, October 16, 2006

Duke Rape Rage

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I'm so angry about the Duke Rape ordeal that I've fumed the day away (ah, where is my vacation apathy, when I need it?). For everything you need to know about this travesty of justice go visit KC Johnson's site. You'll experience rage, too. Why am I angry? Let me count the ways:

  • I'm imagining being the mother to a boy who was on his way to Wall-Street but some two-bit ho and an insane, power-hungry prosecutor ruined that possibility for him.
  • I'm imagining the gazillions being spent by the families to defend their boys for a crime they almost certainly did not commit.
  • I'm imagining, as an athlete, sitting out a potentially national-championship season--the culmination of a lifetime of hard work and discipline for nothing.
  • I'm imagining the sense of betrayal that no teacher, administrator, coach, no one, stood for waiting for the facts of the case came to light before condemning.
  • I'm imagining the sorrow at not one person, save parents and close friends, defending the honor of these boys.
  • I'm imagining having to see my son's mug shot over and over and over and hearing untruthful assertions from the mouth of The Law over and over and over, and not being able to say anything.
  • I'm imagining an innocent black, white or purple girl raped and too afraid to report it because no one will believe her because of cases like this.
  • I'm imagining the disrespect, the diminishing trust, already given to our judicial process. Has justice descended to this?
There are a couple scriptures that come to mind during this whole sordid, repugnant mess. One scripture: Do not judge a matter before you hear it. Another scripture: Avoid the appearance of evil (this case should be a primer for all parents of college-aged boys--young men--who have a lot to lose). Another scripture, not too unknown: thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor. Finally, this: A good name is to be chosen above great riches. These boys had a good name. No more.

Will they ever get their good names back? Doubtful.


Chalmers said...

This case is a travesty. I hope that many more young men and women take to heart the possible impact of what a few hours stupidity can do to your life.

Dr. Melissa said...

The problem, of course, is that youth is almost the definition of stupid. So does a stupid, but legal, decision harm you forever?

Melissa Clouthier"s mom said...

If youth is the definition of stupid, then Melissa Clouthier is the definition of "using victimhood to hide the truth that a rape never occurred and innocent boys are the victims not the lying stripper/hooker with the criminal record and who has sex for rides to parties and sex toys to entertain clients.

Dr. Melissa said...

Dear Mother,

Certainly you get that I have been 100% supportive of these boys during this outrageous miscarriage of justice. If not, you haven't been reading.

It is rather well-known that strippers of this ilk routinely extort guys like this for money. They refuse to offer the "goods" so to speak and expect to be paid or yell "rape".

It is always wise to be careful when making dealings with people who have nothing to lose. And for your information, I will teach my daughter not to run around dressed like a tramp with a bunch of boozed up, horny guys. The caution works both ways.

This in no way blames the victim. It's called common sense.