Tuesday, October 10, 2006

First Spinach, Then Lettuce, Now Carrot Juice

Beware of carrot juice carrying botulism.

Is there a pattern here, or does it just seem that way?

Fresh spinach leaves I could live without for a while.

Having to worry about lettuce is really inconvenient, as I found out yesterday when I skipped the usual salad, had a chicken sandwich, and then discovered lettuce on my sandwich. After eating some of it.

Add carrot juice --

-- well, I don't drink carrot juice.

But it's the principle of the thing. You'd like to have the option.

Let me know when healthy foods are healthy again.


Steel said...

Not sure where you're from, but several years ago in California, there was a company called Odwalla.

They specialized in non-pasteurized organic juices, and sold throughout the west.

A handful of people got sick with, salmonella, I think, and the company recalled their entire product range immediately.

They almost went under, because nobody would touch their product even though they started pasteurizing.

Personally. I will be leery of Foxy brand products, even though no e-coli was found in the recalled product.

And I will never buy another bag of spinach - I'll buy mine the old fashioned way. By the bunch.

Dr. Melissa said...

Gina et al,

The key to eating produce is to buy it whole, wash it, and cut it yourself. "Pre washed" doesn't really work. Too many ways to get pre-germed.

Another thing: a healthy immune system should fight off the offending bacteria.

The problem is that with so much news and focus, it magnifies the problem. A couple people died, a lot of people got sick. Eh...

Guard your health, buy your meat and produce whole, cut it yourself, wash it (and with meat, salt it and cook it) and you'll be okay.

The biggest problem with salads is the guy who doesn't wash his hands after defecating and then putting your sandwich and salad together. Sorry to be gross, but that's the biggest risk. Ewwwww!